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No Pipe too Large or Job too Small

The Avrett Company has the equipment needed to clean and examine any storm, sewage or drain piping. We have large and small cleaning equipment such as:

• vactors for cleaning and vacuuming
• smaller jetting equipment
• Invirosite rover crawler camera for small and large pipe
• Invirosite pole camera for looking long distances up pipe without having to enter confined space

We offer trenchless products that can be installed with minimal disruption. Avrett offers jointless, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe rehabilitation products that can renew structural integrity to host pipes while increasing flow capacity and significantly reducing long-term maintenance costs. Our products can be installed in host pipes of all materials, shapes and a wide range of diameters.

Trenchless Technology for Point Repair

Trenchless Rehab Addresses Your Concerns

Operational Impact & Speed:
Because our work requires only limited access, our crews complete installations with minimal disruption and outage to your operations. We can renew your problem pipe structures in hours, compared to the weeks and months that you can encounter with a conventional dig and replace solution.
Structural Integrity:
LightStream UV™ is one of the strongest, most environmentally friendly and cost effective CIPP liner manufactured in the USA. LightStream UV™ technology test results (ASTM D790) show a flexural modulus of more than 1.8 million psi and a fexural strength of over 600,000 psi. Test results from ASTM 2990, (50 years of life expectancy), show a strength of over 3 times that of a newly installed felt liner.
Flow Capacity:
Our products provide the least cross-sectional reduction of all methods used to rehabilitate pipes. The smooth, jointless interior of our products typically improves flow capacity. There are no joints or seams that can separate over time. The smooth interior also provides excellent abrasion resistance and reduced maintenance.

For storm, sewer or drain pipe larger than 48” we use the Warren epoxy spray-on system.
This expoxy system also can be applied to manholes, spillways, tunnels, aquaducts and flumes.

This system is Standard 61 Certified and can be used for potable water systems for 36” and up.

sewer storm drain

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Proudly Serving the CSRA and Surrounding Communities and the Southeast: GA, SC, NC, VA, and TN

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